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Tips to prevent Halloween Claims!

Halloween sees an increase in auto and homeonwers claims, especially due to Vandalism and Theft ⠀

Also, as a homeowner, you need to consider “premises liability,” meaning if a trick-or-treater trips on the extension cord and injures themselves, you’ll be on the hook for injury or legal expenses if they have medical bills or decide to sue.⠀

Here are tips for this Halloween to prevent claims:⠀

Pay attention to the types of decorations you have and make sure they’re safe for everyone.⠀

Park your car in the garage or well-lit areas.⠀

Lock cars, windows and turn on car alarms.⠀

Put furry friends away or keep them in a leash.⠀

Light walking paths for the kids and watch out for trick or treaters crossing streets.⠀

Beware of the act of strange guests.⠀

Drive slower in neighborhoods full of monsters, zombies, and scary little beings.⠀

Put candles in a safe area where they cannot be knock out and make sure they are out before going to bed.⠀

Make sure your kids are wearing comfortable shoes and customs, as well as give them instructions about un-wrapped candy or strangers.⠀

Purchase additional coverage if needed⠀

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