• Maria Shalack

What Happens To Your Hurricane Claim Once The Adjuster Leaves

Having an adjuster look at your claim is only the beginning of the insurance claim process. Once your claim is submitted to your insurance carrier, it typically goes to an inside claims department for review. That’s right, a person who never saw your property is most likely the one who is making decisions on what you will actually be paid. If the field adjuster missed some damage, the inside claims staff will never know and in some cases they may not always agree with the field adjuster’s conclusions. This is why public adjusters who get involved in a claim after the initial inspection will request another inspection once they have documented the claim and then meet the adjuster onsite to review the details of the inspection to represent the best interest of the policyholder

If there is anything suspicious about your claim, information is missing, or something seems out of the ordinary, the insurance company claims department might also decide to re-inspect the property, call in engineers or send it to an investigative unit that looks for insurance fraud. This and the mountain of claims that get filed when there is a serious storm event like the wind and flood damage from Florida hurricanes is what can cause much of the delays that occur processing your claim.

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