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Welcome to A&H Public Adjuster Corp, your trusted partner in managing and resolving a broad range of Florida home and commercial property insurance claims. 


Our founder, Maria E. Shalack, a seasoned Florida public adjuster since 2002, brings a wealth of experience and a personalized approach to every claim we handle. With A&H Public Adjuster Services, you don't just get representation; you get a commitment to individual attention, meticulous claim handling, and maximizing your insurance recovery.


Our comprehensive public adjuster services encompass several key areas of property insurance claims. Whether you've suffered damage from a hurricane, a problematic plumbing leak, a fire incident, a devastating windstorm or tornado, issues with your commercial property, or other homeowners insurance claims, we are here to provide expert assistance. With Maria's deep understanding of policy language, coverage, and ethics, backed by her prestigious Senior Professional Public Adjuster (SPPA) certification, we are well-equipped to help you navigate the complexities of insurance claims.


Maria E. Shalack's dedication to personalized attention means that each claim receives equal scrutiny and focus, no matter how large or small. This approach, coupled with our experience in handling supplemental claims and reopens, even denied ones, allows us to maximize your claim's potential and ensure the proper repair of your property.


For more detailed information about the claim process, we invite you to contact us for a free- no-obligation consultation. Also, you can visit our Florida Public Adjuster FAQs page. When it comes to representing your loss, remember that bigger isn't always better.


Choose A&H to get personalized public adjuster services with detailed attention, thorough understanding, and expert representation to secure the maximum payout for your loss.

Hurricane damage claims

Did you suffer damage from a Hurricane?​ Are you experiencing roof leaks and water damage inside your property after a hurricane? Maybe you see signs of mold? In most hurricane claims, there endless aspects to look.​Therefore, you should have a professional represent you to assess the damage properly from the beginning, document it and present it to the insurance company.

water and mold damage claims

Are you having problems with your pipes? maybe your house has cast iron pipes that are damaged causing regular back ups and sewer smells in your home? 


Maybe you have a leak under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. How about Air Conditioning leaks, under the ground leaks, or mold.

We can help diagnose the problem and see if the damages are covered by your Ins Co.

Home Fire Claims

Are you struggling with fire damage in your home? Perhaps you've experienced a kitchen fire that's caused significant damage to your property, or maybe a malfunctioning electrical appliance caused a fire in your living room.

We can help assess the damage and determine if the losses are covered by your insurance company.


Have you experienced a windstorm or tornado that has caused significant damage to your home? Perhaps your roof has been stripped off, windows shattered, or maybe your house's structure has been severely affected by the intense winds?

You could be dealing with the aftermath of the disaster such as fallen trees on your property, flying debris that has damaged walls, or water leaks due to rain entering through exposed areas.

We can help assess the extent of the damage and determine if these damages from the windstorm or tornado are covered by your insurance company.

Are you facing issues with your commercial property? Perhaps your business location has experienced plumbing issues resulting in regular backups and unpleasant odors?

Maybe there's a leak in the office pantry, restroom or problems with the HVAC system leading to uncomfortable working conditions. Concerns could also extend to hidden leaks beneath the flooring or the presence of mold, affecting the health and productivity of your staff.

We can help identify the issue and assess if the damages to your commercial property are covered by your insurance company.

We can help you roof damage, theft and Vandalism, Lightning, Business Interruption Claims, structural damage, broken windows, damage fences, garage doors, etc. If it's covered in your policy, we can handle it.

We have experience with supplemental claims and reopens. Even if your claim was denied, we might be able to help you.

We can help assess the situation and determine if these types of damages to your home are covered by your insurance company.

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