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How does the claim process work?

Q&A ⁠

First, I meet with the property owner who is ultimately the insured. We do an inspection of the property to see the damages. Then, I explain the process in person. I have a letter of representation that allows me to contact the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder. It also states that if we don't get you a recovery (money) there is no charge #NoRecoveryNoFee

Then, I can contact the insurance company to file the claim, I send the letter of representation and we wait for a field adjuster to contact us for the inspection.⁠

I meet with this field adjuster to go over the damages and A&H Public Adjusters prepares an estimate. The adjuster from the insurance prepares their estimate or report that goes usually for review with another adjuster of the insurance and we send our estimate.⁠

Then, after several weeks, sometimes months (in Florida the insurance company has 90 days to either pay or deny the claim), we get a coverage determination (payment, denial, under the deductible, partial denial). At that moment, we review the file with the client and make a decision to finalize the claim (payment is satisfactory) or the next step to take to receive additional funds.⁠

Stay tuned to learn about the next steps after a coverage determination has been made!⁠


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