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The estimate of the damages

The Public Adjuster handling your claim is supposed to write an estimate of the damages and submit it to the insurance company for review.

We can help create the contents inventory list and business interruption claim.⁠

Large claims after a catastrophe, like Hurricane Ian, which hit the West Coast of Florida in September 2022, must be well documented and presented to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked.

At A&H we also write estimates for attorneys representing property owners with claims. The estimate of the claim is essential to recover the money you deserve from the insurance company. We include the dwelling and other structures, such as the fence. The estimate can include the cost of any temporary repairs to protect the property from further damage like tarp and mitigation. Finally, if there is mold in the property, we can include the cost to remediate the property.

The estimate of the damages should be for the policy covering the loss. We are seeing a lot of homeowners in some parts of Florida like Sanibel Island, Bookelia, Ft Myers, and North Port, where the property had flood damage as well as wind. When writing the estimate, you want to keep the wind damages, separate from the flood damage to have a real, more accurate number of the property loss.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, and schedule your free inspection!⁠

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