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Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

Unfair claims settlement practice is the improper avoidance or reduction of a claim by an insurance company.

There are many methods or tactics that insurance companies might use to unfairly handle the settlement of claims, and it, unfortunately, happens quite often

Many people assume their insurance company is dedicated to protecting its customers and have their best interests in mind. In reality, an insurance company is a for-profit corporation that is more likely to be dedicated to protecting its bottom line.

When an insurance company engages in unfair claims settlement practice, it’s crucial that you fight back and avoid becoming a victim of an unfair settlement.

Consider hiring a #flpublicadjuster to help you

A #PublicAdjuster can handle your insurance claim from beginning to end or assist with negotiations, appraisals, and understanding your coverage under the insurance policy

A Public Adjuster can also assist you by recommending the right attorney that can file a Civil Remedy Notice and get the insurance company's attention.

In the event that Unfair Claims Settlement Practices are evident, an attorney specializing in property claims can assist you. You can call us for more information.

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