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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A burst pipe isn’t always as dramatic as it sounds. In some cases, a burst pipe may start with a small leak. This leak from a broken pipe can go unnoticed for days or months, silently filling your home with moisture and mold. Here are six early warning signs indicating that a pipe has burst in your home: • Listen: Do you hear a bubbling, whistling, banging, or clanking sound when turning on the water in your home? • Strange Odors: A burst pipe can often cause strange odors in your home. • Look for Water Damage and Discoloration: Water damage can be found on our ceilings and walls. • Bulging: Your walls and ceilings could start to bulge after being affected by water damage. • Higher Water Bill: One of the most obvious signs of a serious burst pipe problem is a higher-than-usual water bill. • Low Water Pressure: A burst pipe can lower the water pressure throughout the rest of your house. - If you need help figuring out coverage for your exact situation with water damage from a leak, broken pipe, or a pipe that burst, I'm a licensed public insurance adjuster that can evaluate your policy language and claim to provide industry expertise for your specific insurance claim.

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