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Mold Claim? Or Water Damage Claim?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

This is a water damage claim that caused mold. Even though the client had a proper dry-out immediately after the loss, mold started to grow behind the mirror in the wall. . The insurance company refused to pay for the mirror, but the homeowner replaced it anyway and found mold behind it.

The good thing is that we can reopen the claim and get them paid for the mold remediation, mirror, other items not included in the first estimate.

First, a mold test is done by a certified mold inspector. Then the insured/Public Adjuster can decide to submit the mold estimate to the insurance company or have a restoration company do it right away under the direction of payment or assignment of benefits, for that portion of the claim. . It is not simple, but having a Public Adjuster can guide you and manage the claim for you, the insured, who has other things to do than to be calling the insurance company constantly to get paid. . If you want a free inspection of your property and a policy review, give me a call.

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