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Claim Denied

If your claim is #denied, you should seek a licensed #FlPublicAdjuster immediately to determine if the denial was just and valid. A competent #PublicAdjuster can read the denial letter, review the policy and determine if the claim can be reopened. In addition, a Public Adjuster can write the estimate of the damages, meet the insurance company for a reinspection and get you paid In the event that the P.A. cannot get the insurance company to pay, then litigation might be the next course of action. The advantage of having the Public Adjuster already in place (before litigation) is that you will have a witness to the claim, who tried and have the insurance company a chance to pay your claim, assessed the damages, and also will assist you in hiring the right attorney for your loss. The Public Adjuster will write the estimate and compile the information needed for the attorney to fight the insurance company. #insuranceclaim #denied #propertydamage #propertyclaim #stormdamage #damageservices #hurricanedamage #hurricaneseason #HurricaneSeason2022 #damageprevention #florida #questions

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