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Advance Preparation for Hurricane Season 2023

➡️Know what level of risk your community is at for hurricanes. ➡️Make sure you’re signed up for your community’s emergency alert system. ➡️Watch for signs of flash flooding. Make sure you have an evacuation plan and know how to get to shelters. ➡️Collect enough supplies for at least three days, taking extra care to remember pets, as well as family members who have specific medical needs. ➡️Put important documents somewhere safe. You might want to make some password-protected digital copies as well. ➡️Review your insurance policy to see what it says about hurricane damage and protect your property by de-cluttering drains and gutters and installing check valves in your plumbing. ➡️Takes photos and videos of your home. - Need help with an insurance claim? Call us! 305-343-1963

Are you prepared for Hurracaine Season?
Hurracaine Season 2023


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