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Homeowners Claims and Insurance Rates

Q&A ⁠

Insurance rates for #HomeownersInsurance typically increase after a major storm, catastrophe, or a large number of claims are being filed in an area, whether you file a claim or not.⁠

Rates are usually determined by the area/zip code where the property is located and the condition of your home. That is why your agent will ask you for an updated 4 point inspection report and wind mitigation when applying for insurance with a new company. ⁠

Lately, there has been an increase of “non-renewal” letters going out to homeowners because the insurance companies are withdrawing from the State, minimizing their risk, or maybe in financial trouble. I get at least one phone call a week from a client complaining of the rate increase.⁠

Also, it is important that homeowners be careful to file several claims during a short period of time, especially water damage claims in Florida. If you have more than 2 water claims during a 3- or 5-year period (depending on the company) it could be a problem⁠

There are #PublicAdjusters in the field who are not informed and end up filing 3 claims in your home, which could affect you in the future when renewing the policy.⁠

If you have property damage, make sure to get an evaluation from a licensed and reputable Public Adjuster before filing a claim. Once you called the insurance company and report a loss, it is documented and stays on your claim history, even if you withdraw the claim later on.⁠

If you have considerable damage, file the claim and do not worry about the rate because filing one claim should not affect you. That’s why you have insurance for.⁠

Remember get help right away to avoid any “late reporting”.⁠


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