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Property Claim - Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are key to the claim because it prevents further damage and it shows the insurance company your due diligence and responsibility as a homeowner #dutiesofhomeownership For example: putting a tarp on the roof, fixing the plumbing leak causing the water damage, drying the property to prevent mold, or performing mold remediation. It is necessary that you keep the receipts of such repairs and take pictures before and after. When you call us, we can assist you and direct you in what is necessary to do as a temporary repair. If you have suffered from hurricane damage, performing emergency repairs is key to documenting the loss and preventing further damage due to the delay from the insurance company.

A lot of FL Public Adjusters already work with restoration companies that perform these emergency repairs which increases the chances of getting paid on the claim properly and documenting the loss. Insurance companies sometimes have limits on the policy for emergency repairs. It is important to be informed before making decisions. Be informed, and get help on your claim.


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