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What happens to your claim once the Ins Adjuster leaves?


Once the field adjuster leaves your property, this individual usually writes a report, estimate, and/or recommendation, which is submitted to the insurance company desk adjuster or supervisor for review. The field adjuster usually does not have the authority to approve or deny coverage. It used to be different, where the field adjusters actually made coverage decisions. Now they have become like inspectors, where they take photos, measurements, and possibly write an estimate.

That’s right, a person who never saw your property is most likely the one who is making decisions on what you will actually be paid.

If the field adjuster missed some damage, the inside claims staff will never know, and in some cases, they may not always agree with the field adjuster’s conclusions. This is why is so important for a Public Adjuster to get involved in a claim right from the beginning (inception). The Public Adjuster is present during the inspection to represent you, show the field adjuster the damage, and assist you with this process. The PA becomes an expert witness in the claim.

If for some reason the Public Adjuster becomes involved after the initial inspection, then he or she can request a reinspection once the claim has been documented and an estimate of the damages has been written.

If there is anything suspicious about your claim, information is missing, it is considered complicated, or something seems out of the ordinary, the insurance company claims department might also decide to re-inspect the property, call in engineers or experts to investigate the loss further. This and the mountain of claims that get filed when there is a serious storm event like a hurricane and/or major flood damage is what can cause much of the delays in the claim's process.

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