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Why Is The Insurance Company Sending an Engineer?

Updated: May 7, 2023

If the insurance company is sending an engineer to your property, you need to hire professional representation, such as an FL Licensed Public Adjuster or Attorney to assist you and be with you during the inspection.

It is also vital to document the loss accordingly because, in my experience, the claim will likely get denied. Most engineers will write reports that benefit the party who is paying for their services. Unfortunately, these engineering firms get large quantities of claims to inspect and write reports from the insurance company, so the reports are in favor of who compensates them.

But don't worry, we also have engineers that can write an objective report and fight the insurance company with the right ammunition to get you paid what you are entitled to under your policy.

We are also seeing engineers being sent to property claims in the area affected by Hurricane Ian to look at the roof damage, or if the loss was from wind or flood damage.

The best way to fight these engineer reports is by getting your own engineer.

If you need assistance with a #propertyclaim, give us a call 1888-6 DAMAGE #fastclaimhelp


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