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Will the repair estimate from the Insurance cover the loss?


As policyholders begin to hear back from their insurance company regarding their insurance claim, many will learn that the amount offered by their respective insurer is not sufficient to pay for their complete loss and damages.⁠

Sometimes claims are even denied altogether. This is common when there is widespread damage to a geographic area and especially true with more complicated commercial claims to businesses, condominiums, and hotels where methods to fix or replace damage can become complicated⁠

There can be many reasons for this including overworked adjusters not documenting specific damages (especially during catastrophes), out-of-state adjusters not familiar with the market, or inside claim adjusters who have never personally seen the claim but are just denying certain parts of the claim.⁠

It is important you get the opinion of an experienced public adjuster from your state.⁠

If you need help understanding the insurance estimate, your insurance company is delaying the claim or minimizing your losses, then it may be time to talk to a public adjuster.⁠

Remember it’s in your insurance company’s best interest that you never file a claim. They are in the business of making money. When you do file a claim, insurance companies will typically do everything they can to minimize their liability today and maximize premiums in the future.⁠

Another important aspect is the deductible, even if your claim is paid, you are responsible for the deductible, which is usually subtracted from the estimate of repair.⁠

By hiring a Licensed Public Adjuster, your loss will be estimated according to the right construction materials, building codes, and how your property was before the loss. Public Adjusters write top dollar amounts in their estimates to get you paid what you need for the repairs⁠

Also, it is known that they get you a higher settlement, which usually covers the fee charged. So why file your own claim, when you can have a licensed and knowledgeable professional do it for you, maximizing the payout and taking the stress away.⁠



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