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Cast Iron Pipes

⁠If your Florida home was built before 1975, there’s a good chance that it has cast iron pipes. These were a common building component back then, but nowadays, you may experience problems if they are still in your house.⁠

Why does cast iron pipes represent a problem for a homeowner?⁠

These are some of the most common problems:⁠

Backup in a sewage line. This is a big problem for homeowners that must be immediately addressed.⁠

Unpleasant smells.⁠

Water damage on walls or ceilings. Warp wood floors, damage floor and wall tiles, or stain carpets with water.⁠

Slow drainage and increased cockroaches/insects inside the property.⁠

Cast iron claims are not always as straightforward as they should be. It is very important to have a Licensed Public Adjuster handling your claim from the beginning. They will not only provide a prompt and thorough inspection of the property to determine the cause of the damage, but also represent you with the insurance company.⁠

We can help! Contact us⁠ 305-343-1963

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